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Inovak is a new company, with headquarters and distribution center in the city of El Paso, Texas, United States. It is dedicated to the manufacture of different refractory products. One of our goals is to meet the North American market needs by making products that satisfy our current and potential customers. Innovation is what marks our work philosophy; rethinking and redesigning refractory products that meet our customers expectations, with an excellent performance and costumer service. Designing products with the highest technology is a common task in our corporation, which marks a guideline to be followed by our competitors. Currently Inovak offers a wide variety of refractory products, which is increased depending on the needs of our costumers, which are the most reliable because of our Quality System Management. The products are fabricated in Mexico with the highest American raw materials, which gives us a competitive advantage over others. Our business is fully prepared to meet needs of industries related to metallurgy, cement, electrical, glass, oil refineries, construction and industries in general.

We are located in El Paso, Texas, but we are used to work with places all over the country and outside of it as well.
Phone: 915 449 41 70
880 Marimba Street
El Paso, TX. Zip Code 79912


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Our Products

Refractory Brick for Chimney
If you use common construction bricks for a home chimney, it would crack in some years. Our affordable brick is produced specially for this type of use. We have it in 2 sizes, standard (9"x4.5"x2") and tile (9"x4.5x1.5"). Maximin temperature 500º C
Refractory Brick for Oven
In a standard size (9"x4.5"x2") and for a maximun temperature of 1000º C, this type of brick is useful for industrial ovens and more.
Refractory Concrete and Mortar
We carry many varieties of mortar and concrete refractories: low density concrete, ultra low density concrete, dense anti-crust concrete, high and low alumminum concrete, plastics, and more.

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Custom Pieces
We can create custom pieces for varios sizes and needs you can have.